The immediate needs component looks to address the immediate/critical needs where water and sewer infrastructure require urgent attention and repair.
The current water and wastewater infrastructure could greatly benefit from immediate repairs, whilst waiting for major interventions to be implemented. This will allow for some quick results that would benefit the community at large.
The envisaged work involves the following proposed activities:

  • Undertake repairs to the leakages of the water tanks, selected pipelines, and valves.
  • Undertake repairs to the broken trans-sewers pipes to the waste stabilization ponds and other critical sections.
  • Rejuvenate the ponds system.

The diagnosis and critical assessment of the existing assets, has clearly highlighted that the water supply and sanitation system is in extremely poor condition due to old age and lack of maintenance and investment.
The Consultant identified a list of works, which are all immediately required to increase the efficiency of the existing system and to avoid the failure of some key components that could seriously affect the water supply service.

The identified works consist of:

  • Water supply system: repairing and preventing failure, starting leakage control activities, performing pressure management;
  • Water Treatment Plant: upgrading and preventing failure;
  • Water Distribution System: Re-establishing the storage capacity, repairing, assuring new storage capacity;
  • Sewerage system: assessing and repairing the main scheme and identified sections of the secondary line;
  • Sewage Treatment Ponds: rejuvenating Elmswood wastewater treatment ponds.

Two Clusters of works were identified:

  • Cluster 1 includes the works envisaged in the Contract Component 1 “Immediate needs” which involves the following activities:
    • Undertake leak repairs on the water tanks, selected pipelines, and valves and check for immediate potential repairs within the water treatment plant;
    • Fix the broken interceptor sewer conveying flow to the waste stabilization ponds and other critical sections;
    • Rejuvenate the ponds system.
  • Cluster 2 the following main category of works are foreseen:
    • the installation of surge tanks in the main pumping stations;
    • the installation of emergency power generators in the WTP and in the main Pumping Stations;
    • the implementation of the metering system.

immediate needs: some of proposed works