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Background and rationale

At the African Water Facility (AWF) Governing Council meeting held in Harare, Zimbabwe in November 2013, the Government of Zimbabwe expressed its interest in being included in the roll-out of the “Cities of the Future” Program. This program encompasses the “Integrated Urban Water Management” (IUWM) principles which the AWF is pursuing with selected countries and partners. At the Government’s request, the AWF subsequently fielded an identification mission to work with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate (MoEWC), and with other relevant agencies to identify an urban centre in Zimbabwe to which IUWM planning principles could be successfully applied. The Municipality of Marondera was selected by the Government.

Immediate needs

The immediate needs component looks to address the immediate/critical needs where water and sewer infrastructure require urgent attention and repair.
The current water and wastewater infrastructure could greatly benefit from immediate repairs, whilst waiting for major interventions to be implemented. This will allow for some quick results that would benefit the community at large.
The envisaged work involves the following proposed activities:

Undertake repairs to the leakages of the water tanks, selected pipelines, and valves.
Undertake repairs to the broken trans-sewers pipes to the waste stabilization ponds and other critical sections.
Rejuvenate the ponds system.

IUWM diagnostic

The IUWM diagnostic phase includes:

  • Data analysis and harmonization;
  • Water supply, wastewater and solid waste systems analysis;
  • Institutional framework analysis;
  • Environmental analysis;
  • Project web portal implementation;
  • Topographic analysis;
  • GIS implementation.

IUWM Master Plan

Based on the Analysis of scenarios, the Consultant will develop an IUWM Master Plan for the integrated urban water and wastewater management in the Municipality of Marondera. The IUWM Master Plan will be formulated in line with the following conceptual steps:

Elaborate an implementation strategy and investment plan that fits into the broad strategies of the country;
Provide a vision of the water resources mobilized and water needs for 2040 and an overview of the critical analysis;
Elaborate an investment plan looking at short, medium and long term horizons (2020-2040);
Prioritize the major phases for the implementation of the investment plan;
Undertake full feasibility for the selected IUWM Master Plan option for the short term period.

WRM Strategic Plan

The Water Resources Management (WRM) Strategic Plan outcomes, fully integrated into the IUWM Master Plan, are:

A description of water availability in time (incl. effects of climate change) in the study area
Contrast of water availability with the projected demand growth at different planning horizons
Determination of whether demand is covered or not at each horizon and at what level of reliability
Assessment of future development options for covering the projected Marondera town water supply demand

Stakeholders engagement

The IUWM approach requires engaging all stakeholders, included local communities, in solving the problems of water management.

The success of the IUWM Master Plan will be highly contingent upon whether its output will be supported by all stakeholders. Accordingly, it is essential for the success of the IUWM Master Plan to adopt a participatory approach that, since the very beginning of the assignment, will involve all major stakeholders. For this purpose, four specific stakeholder workshops will be organized.

Work plan

The work plan, according to the Consultant proposal, states the schedule of the Work Packages and Deliverables.




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