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The Client

The project is funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB), through the African Water Facility, the Global Water Partnership (GWP)and the Government of Zimbabwe, within the framework of the “Cities of the Future” Program, which encompasses the “Integrated Urban Water Management” (IUWM) principles. 

The Executive Agency (EA) is the Ministry of Environment Water and Climate, (MoEWC). 

The Project Management Team (PMT) comprises:

  • The Director Water Resources Planning and Development, Mr. T. Mutazu, who is also the Project Manager of the project;
  • The Project Coordinator, Mrs. S. Mapindani, who has  the overall responsibility for the PMT and reports directly to the Director of Water Resources and Planning at the MoEWC The Project Engineer, Mr. T. Mpala, has the responsibility of the day-to-day management of the project from a technical perspective, and is based in Marondera;
  • The Procurement Specialist, is responsible for all procurement aspects of the project;
  • Procurement, Communication and Financial Officers, who all have their respective professional input into the project.
  • The Director of Engineering Services for Marondera Municipality; Eng. C. Chineka

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) provides technical support and guidance to the Executing Agency (EA) and to the PMT during project implementation and is composed by representatives of: MoEWC, Ministry of Local Government, GWP, Marondera Municipality, Public Works and National Housing, Urban Council Association of Zimbabwe, ZINWA and representatives from the main Universities.

All those involved contribute to bring about a successful project.


The Consultant

The team consists of:

  • staff from members of the JV
    • BETA Studio [IT] as leader
    • INGEGNERI RIUNITI SpA [IT] as partner
    • Z&A Consulting Engineers International Ltd [CY] as partner
    • KOGUSSHO Consulting Ltd [ZW] as partner
  • experts from Zimbabwe

BETA Studio s.r.l. is an Engineering company providing Consultancy and Technical Services for water and natural resources conservation, planning and management. Established in 1977, it is based in Italy with headquarters in Padova, and in Argentina with head office in Buenos Aires. We have broad knowledge of hydraulics, hydrology, water supply and sanitation infrastructure, irrigation, coastal and river engineering, flood protection, land reclamation, urban drainage, environmental management, and water quality. BETA is at the cutting edge in the use of innovative technologies to optimise the management of water resources and infrastructure, such as decision support systems, geographic information systems, mathematical models and water monitoring tools.

Established in 1965, INGEGNERI RIUNITI is an independent leading Italian engineering company. Ingegneri Riuniti employs over 40 specialists that work across a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines covering water resources and environmental sciences, optimization of water supply and wastewater assets, water and wastewater infrastructure, landscape design, structures, transportation, energy and environmental research. Ingegneri Riuniti is also specialised in various services connected to urban planning, economic and social development planning, architecture, urbanization works, renewable energies, mechanical and electrical plant engineering, hydraulics, hydrology, roads and railways design, and project management to public and private customers.

Z&A Consulting Engineers is an independent consulting engineering company with widespread international activities providing consultancy in the sectors of water and environment. Established in 1958, Z&A Consulting Engineers has expanded into an international company actively involved in projects funded by bilateral and multilateral donors and financial institutions, such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, European Commission, and United Nations Agencies.​

KOGUSSHO CONSULTING is a leading Zimbabwean consultancy firm specialized in water resources management, water supply and sanitation and environment sectors. Kogussho provides consultancy services in water and hydraulic engineering field covering the entire project cycle: strategic and action plans, master plans, feasibility studies, detailed design, technical assistance from tender phase to construction, site supervision, capacity building and training. Founded in 2016, Kogussho would like to fill in the gap of shortage of professionals in the field of Water Resources and Management which has been created by mass exodus of experienced personnel to neighboring countries and abroad.

Quality System Certification

In order to guarantee the excellence of services provided as well as client’s satisfaction a Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001 approved by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Institute is applied by BETA Studio, according to the standard for the sector “Technical Consultancy and Design in Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering”. The processes of communication, control and coordination is set up in accordance with the Quality System standardized procedures and managed by the Project Manager of each JV Partner under the supervision of the Quality System Manager. 

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